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Root Wads

What is a Root Wad?

A "root wad" (sometimes referred to as a "rootwad") is essentially a trunk of a dead tree with the roots of the trunk still attached and the soil removed so that the roots are left exposed.

What are root wads used for?

  • The root wad is used as a kind of "current diffuser" to protect against stream bank erosion.
  • The root wad helps to slow the natural meandering process of a stream, naturally.
  • Assists with flood control.

What are the benefits of root wads?

  • Very environmentally friendly!
  • Stabilizes banks of streams with little disruption to existing wildlife.
  • Provides a natural cover for fish and other aquatic organisms.
  • Low cost to the property owner.

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Root Wads - Step-by-Step
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Root Wads - Picture 1
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Root Wads - Picture 2
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Root Wad
Photo courtesy of New York State Dept of Transportation
Root Wad - Picture 3
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